Why Home Additions are a Smart Move for Homeowners

The price of a new home is not something everyone can afford. However, there are other options when it comes to expanding your living space. Home additions and room expansions can bring the following benefits to homeowners.

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Up The Resale Value

One of the first things that any prospective home buyer looks for is the amount of square footage in a home. After that, they often ask how many bathrooms and bedrooms are in the home. Adding just one more room will bring about an immediate increase in the value of your home. If you decide to sell your home in the future, your asking price will be higher and can easily outweigh the cost of a general contractor remodeling job.

More Room for Energy Efficiency

When people think of more space, they do not always consider the value when it comes to energy efficiency. However, more space could mean more room for new appliances that have higher energy ratings. That equates to less money you will have to spend on your monthly energy bills.

More Storage Space

Many people pay monthly fees for extra space at a storage facility. Over the course of time, that could add up to more money than what you might spend on a home addition. There is also a convenience factor involved with having more space to store all of your stuff.

Increases Community Property Value

When the homes in your neighborhood receive additions and improvements, it bumps up the property value within the whole community. So, by improving your home, you are actually helping the entire neighborhood experience a rise in property value.

Better for Entertaining

More space in your kitchen will make for more opportunities when it comes to entertaining. Adding an extra bedroom will also open up the opportunity to welcome house guests for a night stay. That means family members could be more comfortable during holiday visits.

Potential Rent

Adding an extra bedroom provides you with the option of renting it out. This is not always the most popular reason for home additions, but there is no denying the ability to add extra monthly income by renting out your extra space.

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