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Introducing Our Open Book, Cost Plus Pricing Program Customizations Have Never Been So Affordable

At Carolina Contracting, we bring a new approach to the contracting business. We have introduced the open book/cost plus type of construction to the region for new construction and remodeling projects that brings a whole new level of transparency to the industry.

This type of agreement is a perfect fit for custom homes, additions, and remodeling projects. It is common with experienced owners and those that have contract work performed on a regular basis. The concept of an open book approach gives complete transparency on the entire construction process, and creates an environment where we work as a team towards the same goals. In the big picture, while it places some degree of risk of over runs on you, it also gives you the benefits of any savings.

Know Exactly How Your Money Is Being Spent

In exchange for you sharing some of the risks, we are willing to work for a reduced fee. Under this type of agreement, a budget is established, and the terms of the agreement are that you will pay for the costs of the work plus a fee for our services, generally a percentage of the cost of the work. There are many advantages to this type of agreement. The first is you always know that you are getting exactly what you pay for, and knowing you can see how your money is being spent lets you know you are getting the best value for your investment. To insure the billings are accurate we have an independent CPA do a review of all jobs over $15,000.00 just to insure the costs are all posted accurately, this is done at no cost to the customer.

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Get Factory Direct Pricing With Lower Markups

We provide copies of the detailed estimate as the budgeting process progresses. We show you quotes from subcontractors and suppliers so that you can see what is being priced. Once the budget is finalized it is entered into our accounting system, then periodically during the construction you will get a report of the costs as they compare to the budget. All of the savings accrue to you and we provide copies of any invoices for subcontractors and suppliers that you want to see. You will also get direct builder pricing from our suppliers, and factory direct pricing on GE appliances without any additional mark-up.

Reduce The Frustration Of Change Orders

Detailed estimates and quotes also allow you to make changes during the construction process, knowing right up front that you will not be overcharged for the changes. The fee for changes is the same fee as the base contract agreement. Change orders historically are the most likely cause of frustration for owners. This type of agreement eliminates most of the conflicts commonly associated with change orders.

Make Your House Unique With Special Pricing On Unique Features

We also have our own employees that perform portions of the work, when we self-perform work you get the work at our cost without any mark up from subcontractors. This is especially beneficial when you want something special that doesn’t really fall into the realm of any particular subcontractor, like a custom window seat or specialty railings.

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