How to Select the Right Square-Footage for Your Custom-Built Home

Building a home comes with a lot of decisions, one of which is how big your home should be. Bigger is not always necessarily better as there are advantages and disadvantages that come with a lot of square-footage. Here are some hints that can help you decide on how much square-footage should be in your custom built home.

Home floor plans

More square-footage

More square footage means more space for living, but it also means more space that needs to be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. That can take its toll on your energy bills. Homes with more square-footage also have higher property taxes. If you live in an area where taxes are high, that could play a significant role in how much your monthly mortgage payments will be.

Keep in mind that the more rooms you have, the more furniture and accessories you will need to buy. That also means more cleaning and upkeep over the course of a week. If you don’t have the time to maintain all those rooms, the alternative is to pay for housekeeping or deal with a messy home.

Less square-footage

While the price may be right with less square-footage, there are limitations. If you are planning to have children, that leaves little room to expand. Consider who will be living in the house five years from now and that might deter the notion of less square-footage. Storage space is another factor that might not seem as pronounced when you are planning the layout of your custom built home. However, household items have a tendency to accumulate very quickly, which makes storage space very valuable.

Less square-footage may also limit your capabilities when it comes to entertaining. If it is important to host family and friends for the holidays, then it it’s necessary to consider the square-footage within the living area and kitchen. Less square-footage may also negate the possibility of adding a home office.

The right size for you

Before committing to a specific size in square-footage, consider all of the aforementioned factors. Remember that lifestyle, family and future plans all play a major role in arriving at a square-footage number that is just right for you.

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