What Our Clients Are Saying

David Steele, Director of Real Estate

I would like to thank you and CCI for its’ professionalism and, most importantly, results in delivering our space for both the Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC stores for Club Champion.  Having bid the work, CCI was very competitive, and we are pleased with the outcome of both.  We especially appreciate CCI “sticking with it” on the plumbing issue at the Charlotte store which is not you’re making.  

We hope we have the opportunity to work with CCI again should we do more stores in the areas you cover.

Bart Kofoed, Founder of 2xSalt Ministry, Owner Grinning Mule Restaurant

CCI was so great to work with as my wife Beth and I took an existing space in Plaza Midwood and created our non-profit restaurant Grinning Mule. They were thoughtful collaborators who found innovative solutions and shared our dedication to realizing the promise of a restaurant designed to be a vehicle for people who need a second chance. I could count on them to do what they said, meet deadlines, and be diligent in honoring the budget. I would recommend CCI to anyone committed to turning a personal dream into reality.

Mike Messina, Huntersville, N.C.

I contracted with CCI to do a 500-square-foot garage addition, and it really looks like it was ‘born’ with the house. It came out perfectly. The final product was exactly as described, and they even managed to come in under budget. I got quotes from four contractors, and CCI’s was the most detailed. It was the detail that made me feel like I was really understanding everything there was to understand upfront. When you look at their in-depth details relative to the pricing, you think to yourself ‘this is going to be a pretty accurate budget.’ And, in fact, it was!

Marge McLean, Clover, S.C.

CCI had built my daughter’s next-door neighbor’s house, and I looked at how well it had been constructed. They met with me, went over the plans, and things went well from the start. I am handicapped now, so my grandson took pictures for me to inspect the work. I worked as a REALTOR specializing in new construction for 42 years, so I know when I have an initial conversation with someone whether they are going to do what I want or not. Everyone involved was very professional, and everything I asked for was done properly, with close attention to change orders. I enjoyed working with them and would refer them on to someone else.

Anna Cotley, York, S.C.

I think the biggest advantage of working with CCI is the quality of the workmanship. They are also experts at cost control. Usually in custom construction, any little change or unforeseen condition ends up creating extra expense for the owner. I think CCI did a really good job of planning, so we didn’t go over budget. Because of my background as an engineer and in construction, I knew going in that certain problems always arise during a build. They’ve been very responsive to anything that came up. As a result, the house I designed is wonderful, and we love it. This is a dream realized for us.

Francesca Claybrook, South Charlotte

When we started our two-level home addition, we did not plan on having a pandemic. Also, we had a baby in May, and CCI was very good in working with us and pausing the project when I was two weeks ahead of my due date. I really appreciated that they understood my need to have deadlines for making choices, and how respectful they were to me from the start. Another contractor we considered was condescending and seemed to want to talk only with my husband instead of me. Like with any build, we had to figure out some things as we went along — for example, deciding how to finish the substantial beams we needed as structural support. Ken, our General Contractor, was really great all through the process.

Fuller Family

We are very, very pleased with the final work. CEO Glenn Wise provided us with a detailed project proposal and budget. Project Supervisor Ken Starr was a superb on-site supervisor. They were very attentive to any questions we had and follow-up was excellent. We couldn’t ask for a better remodeling experience that exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend them.

Gary Crunkleton, The Crunkleton

Working with you on this project has taught me the value and satisfaction which comes from surrounding oneself with good people. Your flexibility and understanding coupled with your diligence and drive are tremendous attributes that have steered this project to success.

Bruce Houser – Beacon Engineering

As always, I really enjoyed working with Eric’s team on the Oneo project. I can count on them to be extremely timely with everything, including communication, the glue that holds a project together. They are always positive, and they continually focus on moving forward and getting the job done. Even when there are challenges like the tricky low voltage lighting situation on the Oneo project, I’m always confident they will do a good job of working it all out.

David Nishan, Construction & Development Owner’s Representative Wolfman Pizza, Pacific & Vine Restaurants, Cino Grille, White Oak Restaurants, Ham’s Restaurants

I’ve been working with Eric and his staff for a couple of years now, after they won the competitive bid process on our first job. They’ve done several successful remodels for us, and in the future we’ll be using them to build from the ground up. They’re very professional, and they do things the right way. Plus their value engineering process is exceptional-it incorporates the architect’s design while offering suggestions for alternative materials or construction methods, to save the owner time and money. The best part is that they bridge the gap between the key players on a project: the owner, the architect, and the subcontractors. They understand construction from all those points of view, so you get a design that works. It’s a lot more functional than it would have been otherwise and, as a result, you end up getting your project built with fewer change orders and at a lower price, with no hidden surprises.

Jay Faison – Zobo.TV

Eric and his team were able to offer much more of a turnkey service than most other builders. I gave them the challenge of building out my 6700 square feet media systems sore in Carolina Place Mall, and they really went above and beyond my expectations. They researched prices and did the ordering for everything from fixtures, laminates and paints to cabling systems and store hours signage. I would absolutely recommend them because they are fast and detail=oriented. They saved me a great deal of time and let me focus on my core business without unnecessary distraction and stress.

Ron Charbonneau – Project Manager River Run Country Club

Eric’s team was selected for the renovation of our Tennis Center from a field of 13 companies I contacted. The project involved electrical, HVAC and refinishing two rooms in a walk-out basement. The quality of the work was paramount to me, because we are accountable to our existing members, and we continually compete with other clubs for new members. They proved to offer quality of workmanship, along with quality people. Everything from their attire and vehicles to the way they presented their proposal was excellent. In addition to exhibiting a high level of professionalism, they were very quality conscious. If they saw something that seemed a bit below par, they fixed it, even if it cost the company extra money.

Jim Verney – President and CEO JV Enterprises

Eric’s team did a wonderful job of remodeling what was a 20 year old restaurant. We needed to open quickly because we had a direct competitor that was soon going to open in the area, and we needed significant structural changes- on a limited budget. Who did we turn to? Eric St-Cyr, because of his experience in building excellent restaurants. Eric’s presentation gave us a great deal of comfort that we’d have our project done on time and on budget, with the quality we were looking for.

Now, whenever you have a restaurant remodeling project, you start out thinking you have a certain cope of work- and once you get started, that scope turns out to be much bigger and much broader than you imagined. Eric did a great job of communication to us about the issues that his team uncovered, and how we could overcome them. Most significantly, we were allowed to keep our restaurant open during the last part of the remodeling. They worked nights and weekends when customers weren’t in the building so that we could keep the case register ringing. And yes, we opened before our competitor.

Rob Kendall – President Firebirds International, Inc.

I’ve worked with Eric St-Cyr as they remodeled three restaurants and built four from the ground up- three of which were brand new concepts, which can be complicated in and of itself. You’re always coming up with new ideas and changing direction, which then changes the blueprints in the middle of construction. Time after time, Eric’s team reacted quickly with cost-conscious strategies to help reach our vision. They’re a hard-working group with a great deal of integrity. They do what they say they’re going to do and they deliver on time. They’ve demonstrated these qualities on every project. Also, because they’re involved from the beginning of each project and through all of the design review stages, they identify areas where they can be efficient and save us money.

Rick Roten – R3 Engineering

For a consulting engineer, a good contractor makes all the difference in the world. Eric St-Cyr is exceptional because they absolutely understand restaurants. Space considerations made Oneo a challenging build-out, but because of the expertise, we never felt any of the pain. Questions cost me money, so it’s crucial that I can depend on professionals like Eric, who know exactly what they’re doing and never have to ask questions.

Constance Spencer – AIA, OAA, RAIC Principal, Planning Commissioner

I started working with Eric St-Cyr a year and a half ago, when an engineer recommended me for one of their projects. I’d already heard from various people that they did quality work, and I had a client who said he was amazed by their ability to complete projects in such tight schedules. I have found his staff very easy to work with and at the same time they are very professional, with great ethical standards. We always go back and forth to exchange ideas in order to make each project the best it can be. We started working on one project together, and now we’re doing restaurants and retail stores across the Southeast, including a new prototype restaurant, which is always very exciting. We’re comfortable working together which makes the whole design/build process so much more effective.

Larry Nelson – Director of Construction Firebirds International, Inc.

I was a general contractor myself before I got out of the business, so I know exactly what it takes to do a job right. The typical construction company is run by a guy in a pickup who can really handle a saw, but has no professional background in construction management and administration. That’s why working with Eric is such a pleasure. I met him in 1999when he did the Firebirds restaurant in Stonecrest. I discovered that his attention to detail made all the difference. Most people can get 90 percent of a project done in an acceptable manner. But it’s the 10 percent that separates acceptable from great. The last 10 percent is where Eric’s group excels. I very much appreciate Eric’s teamwork approach to projects, and his absolute belief that the customer is always right. You can count on him to step up and solve a problem or back a warranty, even if a subcontractor caused the problem. Since that first Firebirds, Eric has done stores for us in Richmond and Memphis. And we continue to turn to them for bids based on the great job they’ve done for us in the past.

Dr. Olsen – Mooresville

My new office in Mooresville presented Eric’s construction team with a number of challenges that encompassed both space and time. I needed numerous plumbing and electrical changes, as well as relocation of a wall, custom cabinetry, new floor and wall coverings, painting and more. Since so many trades had to work in a limited space, there was a danger that people would be stepping on each other’s toes. They coordinated it all so well that there was virtually no downtime. I was impressed with their professional demeanor throughout and how well the job supervisor communicated. A dental office has very specific needs to optimize the care it provides-everything must be exactly where it needs to be. Eric listened to all my constraints and did exactly as I asked completing our new office on time and on budget

Robert Bedenbaugh – President and CEO Bella Voi Laser Skin Center

Our space in Carolina Place had been used for a business with a totally different layout, so it pretty much needed to be demolished and re-created from scratch. The architect recommended Eric St-Cyr because we were on a tight schedule. As soon as I met Eric, I knew that his team was the right choice, not just because they could get it done within a compressed time frame, but because my first impression of him was so positive. He was bright, down to earth, honest- a cut above. My original impression proved to right on target. Throughout the process, his team was easy to work with, and even though there was one small inspection delay, we were ready to open close to my goal.

Steve Starr – Principal Store Design Studio, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

I’ve worked with Eric for about five years… Every architecture firm has a ‘stable’ of reliable contractors that we turn to for projects, and Eric’s team is definitely on the top of our list for restaurant and retail store work. They’re more than willing to get involved early in the project, which is great: that helps us reconcile our preliminary designs with the owner’s budget, without us having to draw full blueprints. They self-perform a good bit of their work, which ensures quality and helps keep the cost down. They don’t mind slinging hammers and digging holes-and it really makes a difference. We’re able to design some funky, ‘different’ designs- and we know they’ll figure out a way to build it. At the same time, because they really understand the way we work, they show us where we can save money for the owner, without sacrificing quality.

Tracey Davant – Metropolitan Officer & Interiors

The Oneo build out was a textbook example of how projects should work. As always, Eric’s group succeeded through a team approach. They took the task at hand, firmly wrapped their fingers around it, and implemented it flawlessly. Unlike on a typical job, where there is a lot of finger pointing, Eric and his team determines the problem and quickly offers a solution. The owner never has to be aware of any issues at all, because this group fixes them so well that they become invisible. It is an extraordinary company.

O.P. Ponce – Director of Construction Fox & Hound Smokehouse

Timing is everything in the restaurant business. Eric’s team did everything from demo-ing to permitting, then followed through on the remainder of the job to get it completed in time. That includes a lot of structural work, to take down a wall and rebuild it down to our trademark arches. They completed everything for us in a responsible, workman like manner- on schedule. We have a great working relationship with them.

John Bender – Senior Vice President for Real Estate and Construction, Bojangles’ Restaurants, Ind.

We had been less than satisfied with some of the contractors we’d worked with in the past. A business associate mentioned that he was familiar with Eric St-Cyr’s construction group and had heard that they did a great job. Eric and I met in my office and it became clear that our styles meshed very well. Eric’s ideas and my though process about what I look for in a job, seemed to parallel. Eric is working on 3 restaurant remodels right now, involved in about 90% of the work- everything from construction to concrete and asphalt work, to interior décor such as wood trim and wainscoting. The results have been excellent. We’re very, very pleased. Eric is just as concerned about each job as I am and that’s the kind of team you want working on your site.

J. Stone

Workers were professional and completed the project in a reasonable amount of time. Ken was always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Overall Grade Given: A

S. Patel

Glenn and Ken and their crew: Kenny & Larry were outstanding. They took care of every detail, they
would update you on schedule which is important for home improvement project as different skilled
workers come at different times. Overall very satisfied with the work done.

Overall Grade Given: A

C. Tasseff

The project went very smooth. All of the contractors subs were great to work with and very polite.
They had excellent craftsmanship and were quick to get their trades done.

Overall Grade Given: A

N. Manis

Went great. Was done on time and on budget.

Overall Grade Given: A

B. Irving

We enjoyed working with Carolina Contracting and Investments. The contractors that they brought on were courteous and professional and did excellent quality work. The end result exceeded our expectations. We would like to work with them on projects in the future.

Overall Grade Given: A

F. Siwicki

Met our expectations, all work was completed on time and on budget. Follow thru was excellent.

Overall Grade Given: A

B. Hilinski

Overall, the experience was great. The process started with the President/Owner, Glenn Wise, coming out to do an evaluation and quote the project. He was very professional and insightful. We had a total of four contractors quote our project and ended up selecting Carolina Contracting and Investments, Inc. We got assigned Ken Starr as our project manager and he was extremely accessible and helpful throughout the whole process, at times going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that things were done in a timely manner and to our satisfaction. The whole team from demo to touch up was first class. The group is very well networked within the community and they will work to get you the great prices you want and also to bring together a team of trustworthy professionals that give you peace of mind you are seeking as a homeowner.

Overall Grade Given: A