I was a general contractor myself before I got out of the business, so I know exactly what it takes to do a job right. The typical construction company is run by a guy in a pickup who can really handle a saw, but has no professional background in construction management and administration. That’s why working with Eric is such a pleasure. I met him in 1999when he did the Firebirds restaurant in Stonecrest. I discovered that his attention to detail made all the difference. Most people can get 90 percent of a project done in an acceptable manner. But it’s the 10 percent that separates acceptable from great. The last 10 percent is where Eric’s group excels. I very much appreciate Eric’s teamwork approach to projects, and his absolute belief that the customer is always right. You can count on him to step up and solve a problem or back a warranty, even if a subcontractor caused the problem. Since that first Firebirds, Eric has done stores for us in Richmond and Memphis. And we continue to turn to them for bids based on the great job they’ve done for us in the past.

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