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Dr. Olsen – Mooresville

My new office in Mooresville presented Eric’s construction team with a number of challenges that encompassed both space and time. I needed numerous plumbing and electrical changes, as well as relocation of a wall, custom cabinetry, new floor and wall coverings, painting and more. Since so many trades had to work in a limited space, there was a danger that people would be stepping on each other’s toes. They coordinated it all so well that there was virtually no downtime. I was impressed with their professional demeanor throughout and how well the job supervisor communicated. A dental office has very specific needs to optimize the care it provides-everything must be exactly where it needs to be. Eric listened to all my constraints and did exactly as I asked completing our new office on time and on budget

Larry Nelson – Director of Construction Firebirds International, Inc.

I was a general contractor myself before I got out of the business, so I know exactly what it takes to do a job right. The typical construction company is run by a guy in a pickup who can really handle a saw, but has no professional background in construction management and administration. That’s why working with Eric is such a pleasure. I met him in 1999when he did the Firebirds restaurant in Stonecrest. I discovered that his attention to detail made all the difference. Most people can get 90 percent of a project done in an acceptable manner. But it’s the 10 percent that separates acceptable from great. The last 10 percent is where Eric’s group excels. I very much appreciate Eric’s teamwork approach to projects, and his absolute belief that the customer is always right. You can count on him to step up and solve a problem or back a warranty, even if a subcontractor caused the problem. Since that first Firebirds, Eric has done stores for us in Richmond and Memphis. And we continue to turn to them for bids based on the great job they’ve done for us in the past.

Constance Spencer – AIA, OAA, RAIC Principal, Planning Commissioner

I started working with Eric St-Cyr a year and a half ago, when an engineer recommended me for one of their projects. I’d already heard from various people that they did quality work, and I had a client who said he was amazed by their ability to complete projects in such tight schedules. I have found his staff very easy to work with and at the same time they are very professional, with great ethical standards. We always go back and forth to exchange ideas in order to make each project the best it can be. We started working on one project together, and now we’re doing restaurants and retail stores across the Southeast, including a new prototype restaurant, which is always very exciting. We’re comfortable working together which makes the whole design/build process so much more effective.

Rick Roten – R3 Engineering

For a consulting engineer, a good contractor makes all the difference in the world. Eric St-Cyr is exceptional because they absolutely understand restaurants. Space considerations made Oneo a challenging build-out, but because of the expertise, we never felt any of the pain. Questions cost me money, so it’s crucial that I can depend on professionals like Eric, who know exactly what they’re doing and never have to ask questions.

Rob Kendall – President Firebirds International, Inc.

I’ve worked with Eric St-Cyr as they remodeled three restaurants and built four from the ground up- three of which were brand new concepts, which can be complicated in and of itself. You’re always coming up with new ideas and changing direction, which then changes the blueprints in the middle of construction. Time after time, Eric’s team reacted quickly with cost-conscious strategies to help reach our vision. They’re a hard-working group with a great deal of integrity. They do what they say they’re going to do and they deliver on time. They’ve demonstrated these qualities on every project. Also, because they’re involved from the beginning of each project and through all of the design review stages, they identify areas where they can be efficient and save us money.