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John Bender – Senior Vice President for Real Estate and Construction, Bojangles’ Restaurants, Ind.

We had been less than satisfied with some of the contractors we’d worked with in the past. A business associate mentioned that he was familiar with Eric St-Cyr’s construction group and had heard that they did a great job. Eric and I met in my office and it became clear that our styles meshed very well. Eric’s ideas and my though process about what I look for in a job, seemed to parallel. Eric is working on 3 restaurant remodels right now, involved in about 90% of the work- everything from construction to concrete and asphalt work, to interior décor such as wood trim and wainscoting. The results have been excellent. We’re very, very pleased. Eric is just as concerned about each job as I am and that’s the kind of team you want working on your site.

O.P. Ponce – Director of Construction Fox & Hound Smokehouse

Timing is everything in the restaurant business. Eric’s team did everything from demo-ing to permitting, then followed through on the remainder of the job to get it completed in time. That includes a lot of structural work, to take down a wall and rebuild it down to our trademark arches. They completed everything for us in a responsible, workman like manner- on schedule. We have a great working relationship with them.

Tracey Davant – Metropolitan Officer & Interiors

The Oneo build out was a textbook example of how projects should work. As always, Eric’s group succeeded through a team approach. They took the task at hand, firmly wrapped their fingers around it, and implemented it flawlessly. Unlike on a typical job, where there is a lot of finger pointing, Eric and his team determines the problem and quickly offers a solution. The owner never has to be aware of any issues at all, because this group fixes them so well that they become invisible. It is an extraordinary company.

Steve Starr – Principal Store Design Studio, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

I’ve worked with Eric for about five years… Every architecture firm has a ‘stable’ of reliable contractors that we turn to for projects, and Eric’s team is definitely on the top of our list for restaurant and retail store work. They’re more than willing to get involved early in the project, which is great: that helps us reconcile our preliminary designs with the owner’s budget, without us having to draw full blueprints. They self-perform a good bit of their work, which ensures quality and helps keep the cost down. They don’t mind slinging hammers and digging holes-and it really makes a difference. We’re able to design some funky, ‘different’ designs- and we know they’ll figure out a way to build it. At the same time, because they really understand the way we work, they show us where we can save money for the owner, without sacrificing quality.

Robert Bedenbaugh – President and CEO Bella Voi Laser Skin Center

Our space in Carolina Place had been used for a business with a totally different layout, so it pretty much needed to be demolished and re-created from scratch. The architect recommended Eric St-Cyr because we were on a tight schedule. As soon as I met Eric, I knew that his team was the right choice, not just because they could get it done within a compressed time frame, but because my first impression of him was so positive. He was bright, down to earth, honest- a cut above. My original impression proved to right on target. Throughout the process, his team was easy to work with, and even though there was one small inspection delay, we were ready to open close to my goal.