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C.J. Williams – Denver, NC


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We bought our house fantasizing of the immense potential that it contained.  Our visions were slowed with some immediate and very necessary items in need of repair.  These preliminary repairs were attempted by various contactors with little to no positive results.  The leaking window upstairs progressively got worse every time a contractor attempted a repair.  After the third failed attempt, I contacted Carolina Contracting & Investments, Inc.  Ken and his crew not only fixed the window, but they were very accommodating and respectful of my extremely busy work schedule. They were able to complete the repair with no lost time from my full time job.

The previous contractors cost me three days of vacation and never successfully completed the work.  A few weeks later I asked Carolina Contracting & Investments to contract another job.  Once again they managed to exceed my expectations in complying with my unusual work schedule to see the job to completion.

If you need a contractor then just call anyone.  If you want a real professional who cares about making your home the best on the block call CCI.

Thank you Ken and CCI for helping us unlock our home’s potential.